Things You Should Know

Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Qualified Repair Facility

The insurer paying for your repair may attempt to direct you into a shop with which they have a direct repair contract (a.k.a. DRP, COD, PRO, etc.). Invented by insurers to save themselves millions, DRP shops too often do not keep your best interests in mind.  Insurance representatives may attempt to steer you toward or otherwise coerce you into going to another shop.  Some of the most commonly used, misleading insurer word-tracks include:

"The shop you chose is not on our preferred list," or "The repairs may take longer."
At Modern Collision Rebuild, we don't cut corners.  We will begin repairs at the earliest possible time, and finish them with the least inconvenience to you.

"We've found the shop you chose to be difficult to work with."
Modern Collision Rebuild & Service we consider your interests foremost in all negotiations with insurers.

"If you choose that shop you may have to pay the difference in price."
We charge only the cost of the repair materials and nothing more.

"One of our approved shops can begin repairing your vehicle immediately."
Tell your insurer you have already chosen Modern Collision Rebuild & Service to perform your repairs.  If the insurer continues to push for another shop, just let us know.

Keep in mind that insurers' main business is making money, even though they may promise you the world when vying for your policy dollars. It is common for insurers to retain millions in profits annually by limiting or denying pay-out to repairers for certain necessary repair operations and materials.  Consequently, a lack of vigilance may result in your vehicle receiving a repair of lesser quality than the "pre-loss condition" your policy promises.

Insurers are increasingly dictating to repair professionals how vehicles will be repaired, the type of parts that will be used, the timeframe in which repairs must be completed, and at what price.  This cost-containment pressure can result in repair practices that produce unsafe repairs and loss of resale value.

Contrary to what you may have been told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle!

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