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All Insurance

Modern Collision Rebuild deals with all insurance companies, and will work with you to get your vehicle repaired to pre-loss condition.
It is important when dealing with insurance companies that you know your rights:

  1. By law, you have the right to choose the repair facility you want to repair your vehicle. It's your car, and you alone will have to live with the repairs.
  2. By law, you need acquire only one estimate, and that one estimate should be from the shop you have chosen to repair your vehicle.
  3. Be firm with the insurer.  Insist on the shop you have chosen.
  4. The quality of repair is not the same at every shop.  Modern Collision Rebuild has over 30 years of experience performing consistent, top-quality repairs.
  5. Remember, Modern Collision Rebuild will be happy to take care of all negotiations with insurers if you so choose.
  6. Don't be fooled by persuasive, misleading word-tracks insurers often use to direct you into one of their DRP shops. These shops may give insurers discounted prices, and too often compromise the safety and quality of your repairs.

When you call your insurance company, request us for top-notch repairs, guaranteed.

Paint Refinishing & Color Matching

The Refinish Department at Modern Collision Rebuild is state-of-the-art. Two downdraft baking paint booths cure refinished vehicles, duplicating the paint process under which your vehicle was originally painted. The booths are heavily filtered, and their exhaust filters are regularly changed and tested to protect the environment.

Our refinish technicians update their training certification through Axalta Paint manufacturer classes to assure your vehicle will be returned to you with the luster and durability it had when it left the dealership showroom.

We feature a limited lifetime warranty on the refinish work and materials on your vehicle, backed by Axalta’s lifetime guarantee for its Certified Collision Repair Centers.

Free Estimates

Call us to schedule a consultation. Our collision repair experts will discuss the proper repair for your vehicle and answer any questions you may have. The appointment will take about 15 minutes and you will be on your way. Once the estimate is written, it will be sent to you via email. It is our goal to provide you with a comprehensive estimate as quickly as possible. Once a repair path is determined, an appointment is made to start the process toward making your vehicle whole again.

Chief Frame Rack & Laser Measuring System

Modern Collision Rebuild & Service uses Chief, the finest in frame rack and laser measuring systems.  Chief offers the most extensive line of pulling, measuring, anchoring, and vehicle specification products in the automotive industry.  Chief continues to aggressively develop and launch innovative products that enable Modern Collision Rebuild & Service to be more productive and successful, providing you with a better end product.

Learn more at

Windshield Replacement

Need a windshield replacement?  Modern Collision Rebuild is here to help!  We believe in delivering quality products and workmanship while offering cost-effective solutions to our customers. We guarantee the integrity of our products and stand behind our work. All customers receive lifetime warranties against leaks and imperfections in glass. Don't wait; call us today to schedule an appointment!

  • We only use OEM or glass manufactured to OEM standards
  • We only use OEM-approved urethanes
  • Certified Auto Glass Installers
  • Insurance claims are welcomed
  • Windshields, door glass, quarter glass, back glass
  • Rock chip repair
  • Door motor and regulator repair & replacement

Windshield Repair

If you have a cracked or damaged windshield, don't hesitate to call us today! With today's technology, Modern Collision Rebuild has several options available to repair your windshield. It may not be necessary to completely replace it. We employ expert installation technicians who will get you back on the road quickly. We stand behind our products and services 100%.

Professional Detail Services Offered

Has your car lost its luster? Let us renew it with our professional detailing services!

  • Hand washing
  • Exterior waxing
  • Complete 3-step buffing process
  • Interior wipe down, including dash and vents
  • Interior vacuum
  • Car interior shampoo and extraction
  • Windows and glass cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Road tar and over-spray removal
  • Chip touch-up
  • Molding and door edge guard application

Computerized Vehicle Diagnostics

It's not just a guessing game.

The bottom line when it comes to state-of-the-art computer diagnostics is this: a computer is only as good as the technician who operates it. Today's "check engine" light might indicate many, many types of problems and issues, from the simple to the serious.

Today's vehicle has numerous on-board computers. While you're cruising down the road in your high-tech driving machine, you may not be aware of the 20 to 40 on-board computers that are all making thousands of decisions per second so you can experience some of the finest, ultimate driving conditions possible.

It takes technology to accurately diagnose, repair, and service all of the latest technological advances prevalent in today's high-tech automobiles. When combined with our experienced ASE Certified technicians, you receive expert diagnostic analyses on your vehicle, which will save you both time and money.

Without obtaining all the current technology to diagnose high-tech vehicles, it’s just a guessing game. We believe our customers deserve more.  Our commitment is to provide the best level of service and repairs that is possible today.

Fenced Protected Storage

Modern Collision Rebuild & Service features nearly an acre of fence-protected, physically monitored parking lot to ensure your vehicle isn't subjected to additional damage before or after collision repairs have been completed.  We also offer covered parking for vehicles that require special care.

Professional Welding Services

Auto body and frame damage often requires the use of specialized welding systems. At Modern Collision Rebuild and Service, we utilize several different types of welding systems to perform our custom welding repairs. Among others, we have a Hirane spot welder and several Miller M.I.G Welders in our facility that allow us to do repairs quickly and efficiently, and mimic factory construction methods. We also offer welding services for other projects that may require a professional touch.

Rental Cars

While your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, we will discount the cost of a rental car.

Towing Service

If you need a tow during normal business hours, please call us. We will make all the towing arrangements for you!

For after hours assistance, please contact Silverdale Towing at 360-328-7351.

Things You Should Know

Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Qualified Repair Facility

The insurer paying for your repair may attempt to direct you into a shop with which they have a direct repair contract (a.k.a. DRP, COD, PRO, etc.). Invented by insurers to save themselves millions, DRP shops too often do not keep your best interests in mind.  Insurance representatives may attempt to steer you toward or otherwise coerce you into going to another shop.  Some of the most commonly used, misleading insurer word-tracks include:

"The shop you chose is not on our preferred list," or "The repairs may take longer."
At Modern Collision Rebuild, we don't cut corners.  We will begin repairs at the earliest possible time, and finish them with the least inconvenience to you.

"We've found the shop you chose to be difficult to work with."
Modern Collision Rebuild & Service we consider your interests foremost in all negotiations with insurers.

"If you choose that shop you may have to pay the difference in price."
We charge only the cost of the repair materials and nothing more.

"One of our approved shops can begin repairing your vehicle immediately."
Tell your insurer you have already chosen Modern Collision Rebuild & Service to perform your repairs.  If the insurer continues to push for another shop, just let us know.

Keep in mind that insurers' main business is making money, even though they may promise you the world when vying for your policy dollars. It is common for insurers to retain millions in profits annually by limiting or denying pay-out to repairers for certain necessary repair operations and materials.  Consequently, a lack of vigilance may result in your vehicle receiving a repair of lesser quality than the "pre-loss condition" your policy promises.

Insurers are increasingly dictating to repair professionals how vehicles will be repaired, the type of parts that will be used, the timeframe in which repairs must be completed, and at what price.  This cost-containment pressure can result in repair practices that produce unsafe repairs and loss of resale value.

Contrary to what you may have been told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle!

Negotiating a Quality Repair

Five Things You Need to Know Before an Auto Accident

To successfully negotiate a quality repair with minimum confusion or frustration, there are five things you need to know.  Though you may not have control over being involved in an accident, by following these guidelines, you can have control over the quality of repairs your vehicle receives, and the accompanying peace of mind.

1. Keep in mind that insurers' main business is making money, even though they may promise you the world when vying for your policy dollars.

It is common for insurers to retain millions in profits annually by limiting or denying pay-out to repairers for certain necessary repair operations and materials.  Consequently, a lack of vigilance may result in your vehicle receiving a repair of lesser quality than the "pre-loss condition" your policy promises.

Insurers are increasingly dictating to repair professionals how vehicles will be repaired, the type of parts that will be used, the timeframe in which repairs must be completed, and at what price.  This cost-containment pressure can result in repair practices that produce unsafe repairs and loss of resale value.

Contrary to what you may have been told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle!

2. Deal with the shop that puts your concerns ahead of insurer alliances.

While many collision shops are in business only for the money, and many have "partnered" with insurers in DRP arrangements (similar to medical HMOs), those who have chosen to not make such agreements are generally better able to cater to your personal needs and provide you with a more positive repair experience.

DRP agreements generally imply that the insurer will supply the DRP-partner shop an increased flow of insurer-directed work in exchange for that shop performing repairs in accordance with insurer-mandated guidelines, often including discounts on labor and parts, and denial of payment for certain procedures and materials necessary for proper repairs. The result: Insurers, not you, become the shop's long-term customer. An excerpt from SmartMoney Magazine’s article 10 Things Your Insurer Won’t Tell You, confirms this disparity.  "State Farm's Service First program even includes a 'gag clause' that prevents shop owners from talking to customers about their cars until they've cleared it with State Farm first" (Smart Money, February 1999).

Before an accident occurs, seek out a collision shop that covets you as its customer above insurer ties — a shop that is interested in the quality of each repair, and satisfaction of every customer, rather than insurer-directed volume.

3. Take the initiative in choosing the shop that will repair your vehicle, rather than entrusting this all-important decision to an insurance representative.

Some insurance representatives have become masters in the use of cleverly worded statements that direct work away from many quality-conscious shops, and into shops with whom they have agreements.  This sometimes forces these DRP shops into questionable practices at your expense. Your automobile is a major investment. Choose a collision repairer based on the testimony of satisfied friends. Also, before an accident occurs, review your insurance policy's fine print with your agent and attorney to confirm that it doesn't restrict your right to patronize the shop of your choice.

4. Make sure your vehicle will be repaired using Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts.

OEM parts and components have been designed and manufactured to very strict tolerances and collision specifications by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you aren't watching, though, the replacement parts installed on your vehicle may be of much lower quality. Insurance companies, seeking low-cost substitutes to OEM crash parts, created the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), touted as "a standard setting organization to insure the quality of (aftermarket / imitation) crash repair parts."

Consumer Reports’ February 1999 article Shoddy Auto Parts: Parts that Don’t Fit, Bumpers that Shatter, Fenders that Rust concluded, after rigorous laboratory testing of these mostly "CAPA certified" imitation parts, that "cheap car parts can cost you a bundle" (Consumer Reports, February 1999).  Only OEM replacement crash parts perform as originally intended, restore your vehicle's pre-loss safety factor, and fully maintain its warranty and value.

5. Investigate the credentials of your shop of choice.

Any reputable shop will be proud to give you a tour. Check their certifications, written warranty, general cleanliness, organization, and collection of notes from satisfied customers. Patronizing a shop displaying certifications from automotive repair standards-setting, training, and testing organizations – among them Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) – doesn’t necessarily guarantee a perfect experience.  Generally, though, these shops are above average.

Trained, Experienced Auto Repair Experts for Fast, Quality Workmanship

You want your car, truck, van, or SUV to come back to you as good as new. Trust Modern Collision Rebuild to repair your vehicle with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Axalta-trained and ASE Certified paint technicians, and repair technicians trained through I-Car, ASE, and Chief frame straightening and measuring systems. As an added bonus, we will detail your vehicle and give it a quality-control inspection before returning it to you. All our work is backed up by a lifetime repair warranty.

What should you do if you are in an automobile accident and what are your rights as a consumer?

Every state has its own laws and requirements. Be sure to contact your local NWACA body shop to find out what your rights are in the state you are located in.

Q. I was just in an accident and my car is not drivable. What should I do with my vehicle?
A. Towing it to a repair shop is in your best interest. Having it towed to a tow company's impound lot is not. There is more information under “total loss” about that subject. It is your vehicle, and you have the right to have it taken wherever you want to.

Q. Do I have to get multiple estimates when filing an insurance claim?
A. In the state of Washington you are only required to get one estimate, it is your choice where you want to have your vehicle repaired. Some insurance companies will try and “steer” you to one of their preferred shops, but this is not in your best interest. Not all shops perform the same quality repair. However, it is not required. You may want to consult an NWACA member collision repair shop to find out more information and to make sure you understand the differences in collision repairs.

Q. I sent pictures to my insurance company using my phone, now what?
A. Every repair is unique, and a picture very rarely shows the extent of the damage. Giving an accurate estimate with true numbers is not always possible until your vehicle is inspected, and, in some cases, it may need to be disassembled to see the extent of the damage.

Q. What happens if a repair shop estimate is more than the one from my insurance company?
A. Insurance companies know there may be additional repairs necessary, so there is a system built in to accommodate this called a supplement. Most insurance companies write estimates from pictures instead of an actual person inspecting the damaged vehicle. This now makes supplements a common step in the process of repairing your vehicle. With proper documentation, supplements are added to the repair and are often covered by your insurance company. Most of the time, they pay the repair shop directly, so that you don't have to worry about paying out of your pocket.

Q. My insurance company told me that they can't guarantee a collision repair shops work. Do I have to go to one of their DRP (Direct Repair shop) to have a lifetime guarantee?
A. This is misleading information. There is no insurance company that guarantees a shops repair, any guarantee is through the repair shop itself. An insurance company is a middleman that pays for the repair on your behalf. We recommend that you consult an NWACA member body shop to find out more information and to make sure you understand your rights and options when choosing a quality repair shop.

Q. Can an insurance company tell me where I have to take my vehicle for repairs?
A. THEY CAN NOT. This is called steering, and in most states, there is an anti-steering law. In Washington State, steering is illegal. You are allowed to choose which shop performs repairs to your vehicle.

Q. What is the difference between a DRP (direct repair shop) and a NON-DRP shop?
A. The difference is a signed contract with an insurance company. Shops that are part of a DRP are usually the shops that are recommended by your insurance company. DRP contracts can vary from company to company and from shop to shop, often times limiting what can and cannot be charged on a vehicle’s repair, affecting the quality of the repair. Some shops choose not to be a DRP so they are able to perform repairs, to ensure your vehicle is repaired according to the manufacturer's procedures. Not all shops are the same. We recommend contacting an NWACA member repair shop to find out more information and to make sure you understand the difference in repair shops. This way, you are able to choose a shop that has your best interest and safety in mind.

Q. What is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assisted Systems) and how does it affect my repair?
A. You have heard of ADAS systems called Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Advanced Braking, among many others, and most newer cars are equipped with one or more of these systems. They can vary from vehicle to vehicle and proper research is needed to understand the steps in repairing your vehicle safely. Not all repairs require attention to the ADAS systems, but if your vehicle is equipped with ADAS, there are additional steps that are needed in the repair process to ensure a repair that will protect you, your family and others on the road. Even removing and reinstalling an ADAS sensor may require calibration, so make sure you look for a shop that understands the importance of these systems and follows the manufacturers' guidelines to repair your vehicle correctly. Not calibrating or incorrectly calibrating an ADAS system can cause your vehicles ADAS systems to function incorrectly or not work at all. Protect yourself and others and contact an NWACA member repair shop to find out more information about ADAS and to make sure you understand the importance of choosing a shop that has your family's safety in mind.

What is ADAS or Advanced Driver Assist Systems?|

What is ADAS or Advanced Driver Assist Systems? from Marketing Team on Vimeo.

Great information about the difference in body shops and what to look for when choosing a repair shop:

My vehicle was totaled, now what?

Q. What is a total loss in car insurance?
A. A total loss occurs when your car is damaged badly enough in a crash that it would cost more to repair the car than it would to replace it. A total loss can also apply if your car is stolen.

Q. What happens when my car is a total loss?
A. A total loss works much like a regular car insurance claim. An estimate is written that reflects the damage and a claim adjuster will talk with you to determine how much you should be paid. Doing your own research for a total loss is in your best interest to ensure you are getting paid the correct amount for your vehicle. Often times, an incorrect value is presented and accepted by the vehicle owner. Coming up with a value is easy, visit websites like Craigslist, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book or NADA, find 3-5 several similar vehicles with similar mileage and in similar condition, add the prices up and divide by how many prices you included. That will give you the average cost to replace your vehicle. Also, any recent repairs or upgrades like new tires, transmission replacement, etc. can be taken into consideration when coming up with a value. Would you accept financial advice from someone who owes you money? Contact an NWACA body shop to make sure you are getting a fair settlement.

Q.The insurance company wants to have my vehicle moved from the repair shop to a holding lot, what should I do?
A. It is recommended to keep it at the repair shop. Why? When a vehicle is totaled, the process of getting a settlement can be a back-and-forth negotiation which can be time-consuming. Having your vehicle at a repair shop will help keep that process short. Once your vehicle is moved to a holding lot the urgency of settling a claim drops off and it can be weeks instead of days before a settlement is agreed upon. Contact an NWACA repair shop to find out more about the settlement process and what steps should be taken during the settlement process.

Q. Can I keep the car if it's a total loss?
A. Yes you can retain your vehicle but sometimes it is not recommended. Your insurance company has to put your vehicle back to the condition it was in prior to your accident which can push it to a total loss. Every vehicle accident is different, and your vehicle may be repaired to make it safe but cosmetically it may have a few imperfections, that would be a case to retain salvage of your total loss vehicle. We recommend contacting an NWACA member shop if your car is a total loss to find out what your options are if your vehicle is considered a total loss.

Washington state law about total loss settlement:

Information about total loss and what to do:

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