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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Heading to the gas station is painful

Heading to the gas station is painful

Ouch, it’s no fun heading to the gas station today. What can you do to save on gas and help you keep a little more money in your pocket? It’s simple, don’t drive your car. But that is not really a viable option for most of us, so what can you do? Consolidate some of your trips like grocery shopping. Do you really need that one thing, or could you wait and combine it with a trip to the hardware store and to town? Combine a few needs into one trip and it could save you a gallon or two of gas. Most vehicles out there are in need of some sort of maintenance that can improve fuel mileage, like making sure your tires are properly inflated, a new air filter or spark plugs.   One of the most overlooked items is the fuel system. Injectors and the fuel system can develop build-up over time just like us and our arteries. But for our car, we can flush the fuel system with solvents to break up these deposits and restore proper fuel mileage. I have seen fuel mileage incr ... read more

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