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ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming ubiquitous in today’s vehicles, providing a tremendous safety and convenience benefit.  ADAS has also been proven to be a significant safety concern if not repaired correctly.  We have been studying these systems and have gone through extensive training in order to service and repair these new technologies. 


We have known that aftermarket parts may visually look the same as original equipment but are definitely not constructed the same as the original dealer parts.  These aftermarket parts when combined with an ADAS system on a vehicle have created compromises in emergency braking; lane departure warnings; dynamic cruise control; and blind spot detection.  Also, there are specialized techniques and guidelines that need to be observed when repairing a vehicle to make sure your ADAS system will function properly when you need it most. 


Replacing a windshield that houses a forward-facing camera, for example, often requires the use of an original dealer glass, not a less expensive aftermarket glass.   What appears to be a plain piece of glass can harbor built-in sensors; specially positioned areas of tint; heaters; noise reduction layers; and other technologies that cannot be seen.  Dealer windshields are designed, manufactured, and tested to link to your ADAS system and work in conjunction with sensors in various locations on the vehicle.  If the sensors change position by just a millimeter or degree, it may negatively affect the entire system.  Mirrors are another component that have evolved to include integral cameras to assist in the function of ADAS. 


Repair techniques have drastically changed with the introduction of ADAS systems.  For instance, repairing and repainting a bumper may not be possible on some vehicles.  An additional two millimeters of paint thickness added on top of the older paint can cause the ADAS system not to function properly, which can lead to undesired results.  The use of aftermarket bumpers can also influence the system.  Different thicknesses or materials used in production may cause issues with sensors not transmitting a signal through the bumper correctly. 


It is important to have an auto repair shop that understands these systems and has technicians who have been trained on how to diagnose your vehicle and perform needed repairs when needed.  With all the current and future advancements in vehicle safety and technology, you can rely on us for all your vehicle repair needs. 

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