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Changing oil in changing times

Oil is the life blood of your engine, yet it is one of the most neglected fluids.  In the last article we discussed the importance of using the correct oil and why.  In this article we are going to discuss the importance of changing your engines most vital fluids. 

During this past year, people have been driving less and their cars have been racking up less miles But your engines oil is still degrading over time Just because you're driving has decreased, doesn’t mean the oil is fine.  When oil is new, it is designed to keep your engine well lubricated and provide protection to all those internal parts.  As you drive, even if it just a couple of miles a day, your engine oil is slowly becoming contaminated with small fuel and exhaust particles that break down that protection oil provides.  That little sticker on your windshield that seems to easily get overlooked, says you still have a thousand miles left But your oil should have been changed a year agois it still ok?  Even though you may have only traveled a couple thousand miles in the past year, your oil has lost its ability to protect the internal engine components and will cause unwanted premature wearWhen oil is neglected for an extended length of time, it will start to solidify.  Heard the saying ‘Slower than molasses in January I learned it from my mom when I was a kid.  I have changed oil that was neglected for several years and was over my mileage by a few thousand miles.  When I removed the drain plug it looked like molasses in January coming outThat engine did not last long after that, the only thing holding it together was the thick oil. 

We recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months if you use regular conventional oil, or every 5,000 miles or 5 months if you use synthetic oil.  If you don’t put that many miles on your vehicle in a years' time, we found that it is important that your oil is changed at least once a year, regardless of how few miles you may have put on your vehicle.  Changing your oil is cheap compared to having to repair or replace your engine, or even your car.  To keep it simple, let's say you changed your oil twice a year and it cost $75 each time.  That is $150 a year.  Multiply that by 10 years and you will have only spent $1500 to ensure you have a reliable vehicle that will last for years to come.  If you break it down to a monthly cost, it is only $12.50 per month.  Let me guess, you probably spend twice that on coffee at Starbucks each month Remember maintaining a vehicle is always cheaper than fixing or replacing it.  It Is also easier to budget and plan your days around regular maintenance vs an unexpected large bill.  On top of that, not having a vehicle while yours is being fixed, or having to listen to your dad say I told you to change your oil when you ask to borrow their car. 

Give us a call to schedule your oil service and if you mention this article, we will take $10 off.  Don’t feel bad if you have gone too long since your last oil change.  Don’t worry, we won't judge.  We just want to maintain your car and make sure you have a reliable and safe family heirloom that will last for years to come, so you can pass it on to your kids. 

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