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Is it hard to see at night?

Are your headlights illuminating the road properly? 

Yes, summer is over and it is starting to get darker earlier, and soon you will be coming home after work and have to use your headlights to see the road. Seeing what is in the road ahead of you is important not only for you but the other drivers on the road too. Headlights are not something people think about unless they don’t work. 

 But what happens when they work, but not as well as they did when they were new? It is like batteries in a flashlight that are slowly dying. You really don’t notice the light slowly dimming until you almost can’t see. Well, that is a lot like your headlights.  The lenses of most vehicles are made of plastic and as your vehicle ages the sun takes its toll on the plastic components of your vehicle, including the clear headlight lenses. Ever walk through a parking lot and notice some headlights have a yellowish tint? That yellowing is caused by the sun.  How well do you think light is able to pass through those lenses to light up the road? 

One of the worst things for others is being blinded by the other car.  That is one thing that I find that the older get the more it interferes with my ability to see. Are the other drivers on the road being blinded by your headlights because they are not pointing in the right direction? Sure, you can see but what about the other driver coming towards you? Are they going to veer away from you and not be able to see something on the side of the road they are heading for?  Having properly adjusted headlights is just as important as having clear headlight lenses. Your headlights are designed to point a light beam forward, and the further away from the center of the light beam, the less light you have If they are not pointed forward, not only does it bother the other person but it can make it hard for you to see as well. 

Be ready for those dark mornings and evenings and check your headlights.  Make sure the lenses are clear Do a quick check to see how well your headlights are adjusted. Park in front of the garage door and turn on your headlights Are they at the same level, or is one pointed differently than the other? Give us a call to help answer any questions you may have. 

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