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Our mission statement

I attended a class a couple of days ago about company culture and one thing that was talked about was a company's mission statement and do the employees and customers know what it is? While we do have one it is not something that I have really advertised or talked about much. We do live up to our mission statement in our everyday actions, but until you have an interaction with our company you may not understand who we are and our “Why”. It is important that people know your mission statement and your why, because they will want to be part of a company who truly lives by what they talk about. 

Modern Collision Rebuild & Service Strategic Objective: 

Modern Collision Rebuild & Service provides the highest quality automotive collision and mechanical, repairs and service by hiring employees who take pride in themselves and their work. 

We achieve an enjoyable work environment largely by realizing that a successful family life is the foundation of a successful work life. We care deeply about our employees and their families. They are an extension of our family. 

We strive to give the best value to our customers by using quality parts & procedures to ensure a thorough repair. We realize that our customers depend on our integrity. 

Modern Collision Rebuild & Service Principals: 

  • We are the highest-quality Auto Collision & Repair facility in Kitsap County. We do whatever it takes to make sure the quality service to our clients is unmatched anywhere. 
  • Employees come first. We employee people who have an innate desire to perform at 100 percent. We reward them accordingly. The natural outcome is that we serve our clients just as well. 
  • Problems are gifts that inspire us to action. A problem prompts the act of creating or improving a system or procedure. We don’t want setbacks, but when one occurs, we think, “thank you for this wake-up call,” and take system-improvement action to prevent the setback from happening again. 
  • We Quality Control everything before it is released. If Quality Control is not an innate personal habit, then it will be cultivated. Quality Control is a conscious step in every task, completed by the individual performing the task or someone else. 
  • Our environment is clean and orderly, simple, efficient, and functional. No “rat’s nests” figuratively. 
  • Employee training is encouraged as it facilitates personal and professional growth. 
  • We understand that well maintained up to date equipment is essential to maintain efficiency. We maintain equipment and keep it 100 percent functional at all times. If something is not working a sit should we fix it now - even if it is not necessary to fix it now. It is a matter of good housekeeping and if maintaining good habits. This is how we do things. 
  • We avoid multi-tasking activities. When communicating with someone else, we are 100 percent present. We give full attention to the person in front of us. We focus on listening and understanding to properly address the concerns of customers and fellow employees. 
  • The workweek is a maximum of 40-45 hours. We want the employees to leave work at work and go home to enjoy time with their family. 
  • We realize that in a small community keeping our word is vital to our continued success. 
  • Taking care of the environment is just as important to us as it is to our customers. We realize that we need to be responsible and take care of it for future generations. 
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